Exmoor National Park Centre is number two.

The finest location to learn about the Exmoor National Park's environment, history, and diversity. The knowledgeable and pleasant National Park Centre staff will be able to provide you with personalized recommendations to ensure that you get the most out of your visit.Rhenish Tower is number three. Rhenish Tower is a must-see for anyone interested in taking selfies. The tower was originally constructed to retain saltwater for indoor bathing, but it was eventually converted to a beacon. It is supposed to have gotten its name from a similar tower on Germany's Rhine River. The old tower was destroyed in the 1952 flood, and it was rebuilt in 1954.

Flood Memorial in Lynmouth

The Flood Memorial Hall is located directly across from Lynmouth Harbour. This permanent exhibit features a pre-flood scale model of the hamlet, as well as pictures of the structures that were destroyed and information on how to locate their locations. There are several firsthand testimonies, images, and information on the recent notion that it was the result of military cloud-seeding research.

Lynmouth Street

If you're hungry, there's a wide range of cafés and tearooms where you may sample delicious home-made pastries, tea, and coffee. You can also indulge in some delectable ice cream, sweets, or waffles to satisfy your sweet taste. Enjoy wandering down Lynmouth Street, perusing the fantastic selection of shops providing arts and crafts, leather products and clothing, interior décor, and other desirable items

Eastern Beach

Lynmouth isn't known for its beaches, which are largely big boulders and coarse sand, although the Eastern Coastline is perfect for a short stroll along a wild and rugged beach. Cross the bridge at Lynmouth Harbour and proceed past the Manor Green, which is mostly hidden from view. Stay clear from the cliff walls and be mindful of the fast-moving strong tides on this beach.
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The village now has hydroelectric power thanks to the once-destructive waters of the East Lyn River. Make your own electricity! Spin water wheels and fire water cannons! Fun for kids of all ages in any weather! Do you like to see some stunning waterfalls but are unable to travel far? Try out the no-step access! Furthermore, you do not need to be disabled to utilize our Tramper mobility scooter. The Glen Lyn Gorge is reached by a road junction near Lynmouth, where the West and East Lyn rivers meet.


Do you adore train sets? Then the Lyn Model Railway will be right up your alley. It's not a large space, but the attention to detail and labor that went into this LNER (London & North Eastern Railway) model from 1935 to 1940 is astounding. The moment you walk through the door, it's like stepping back in time.


One of Lynmouth's most well-known hikes, made much more famous by TV's Julia Bradbury. The trip from Lynmouth to Watersmeet Gorge along the raging East Lyn River is a real treat for walkers. This shaded valley is home to a variety of species and is beautiful year-round. Before returning to Lynmouth or continuing forward for a more interesting walk, stop for tea and cake at the National Trust's Watersmeet House.