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There are many ways of reaching Lynton or Lynmouth. You could walk but then all you would need would be the appropriate maps and a compass and the same would apply if you cycled.

Bikes are carried on the Tarka Line but space is limited. To arrive by car or other motorised transport you might like some help with planning the route from the AA.

The National Express coaches go to Barnstaple from which the local bus will bring you to Lynton or Lynmouth. For all the local routes and more go to Travelinesw. Trains come from all over the country to Barnstaple via Exeter St Davids. Some prefer to leave the train at Taunton or Tiverton Parkway.  The local Lynton and Lynmouth taxi services are Riverside Taxis 01598 753442 and Lyn Valley Taxis 07907 161 666. You can obtain your train tickets from The Trainline or My Train Ticket amongst others.

It is a matter of cost, convenience and time. Bus passes are valid outside the peak period between Barnstaple and Lynton and Lynmouth. With the appropriate cards discounts will normally be available on trains and National Express coaches - there are no discounts on taxi fares!

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